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7 Guardians of the Tomb

You may remember a few years back (in 2015!) I noted that Kelsey Grammer was slated to be in a spider movie called The Nest. Well, the title has changed to 7 Guardians of the Tomb, and it looks to be finally coming out this year. I can’t say it looks good, but it does look delightful. Ancient tombs, spiders, and things going boom — I’m in!

Coming Attraction: Itsy Bitsy (2018)

The Itsy Bitsy trailer is out, and I have to say that I’m intrigued. It sounds like the giant spider comes with some mythology, which could give it a really cool feel compared to most spider films. The trailer hints at it being sort of a dark fairy, and I really hope that’s not too misleading. Anyway, always glad see a new theatrical release in my favorite monster category!

Kong: Skull Island Trailer

Good news, arachnophiles! It appears that next year’s Kong: Skull Island includes a big damn spider in its menagerie of terrors. I’ve gone from wondering why anyone would make another Kong film so soon after the last to being genuinely excited. Take a look.

Kong: Skull Island trailer

All the NOPE

Never let it be said that Australia isn’t completely horrifying, fauna-wise. Even the harmless Huntsman spider looks like something from a horror movie.

Case in point: Charlotte, rescued from a barn last year.

Multiple Emmy Winner to Fight Giant Spiders

Thanks to the Onion AV Club, we now know that Kelsy Grammer is set to star in a giant spider movie called The Nest. Not the greatest title, but funnel web spiders are much more promising than roaches I suppose. I, of course, will love it regardless of actual quality.

Read the AV Club article.

An Incisive Spider

Spiders are great at hitching rides on travelers, but apparently they can also burrow into them. At least that was reportedly the experience of Dylan Thomas.

Note that, per Snopes, all reports go back to Thomas himself, with no confirmation from the medics in Bali who supposedly removed the spider from his abdomen. If confirmed, it would be the first verified case of a spider living inside of a living person.

Brown Recluses Colonize Home

A home in Missouri is infested with tens of thousands of not-so-reclusive brown recluse spiders. Crews are again fumigating, despite several failed attempts at controlling the infestation previously.

I’ll be in the corner, twitching uncontrollably…

Read the article

Rumors of Giant Sea Spider are False, Alas

It seems that this one is making the rounds again. The pictures are blatantly akin to the face huggers from the “Alien” franchise.