Once upon a time, I had a Grand Vision. I would create a movie database that tracked cinematic themes through history. I would be the sole curator of the data, thus ensuring a uniformity of convention and standards. I would supplement this data with a podcast that discussed certain movies in-depth. I would call it The Web of the Big Damn Spider!

I started out strong, entering about 100 movies and casting a dozen pods before IMDb implemented keyword tagging. The accuracy and thoroughness of their tags are rather lacking, but I saw no point in tilting at that particular windmill. I shut down the project.

In early 2013, I realized that the biggest problem had been my lack of focus. I’d been chasing after every interesting theme, when there’d been a perfectly captivating one right in front of me — Big Damn Spiders!

So here I am, back at it with a narrow field to explore more deeply.

Come with me, if you dare, into the vast cavern in search of the Web of the Big Damn Spider!


Talk to the Spider

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