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Kong: Skull Island Trailer

Good news, arachnophiles! It appears that next year’s Kong: Skull Island includes a big damn spider in its menagerie of terrors. I’ve gone from wondering why anyone would make another Kong film so soon after the last to being genuinely excited. Take a look.

Kong: Skull Island trailer

Hubrisween Is Coming!


It’s that time of the year again! The Web of the Big Damn Spider is proud (and foolish) to be participating in the 4th annual Hubrisween event. Starting on Thursday, October 6th, TWotBDS and other review sites will each post a review of a Halloween-appropriate movie every day until the ghosts and goblins arrive.

Follow the links in each post to read all of the day’s reviews, or follow along from the Hubrisween index.

October is for Hubris

Two years ago, my good friend at Checkpoint Telstar got it into his head to watch and review 26 movies in October. Not only that, but he’d do them in alphabetical order, starting with A on the 6th and ending with Z on Halloween. It was an ambitious plan, presenting many opportunities for failure, and so he dubbed it Hubrisween.

He pulled it off spectacularly. Last year, more of our friends joined in, and it became a “thing”. Rules began to coalesce, but also more allowance for making it possible to repeat the stunt. This year, only Micro-Brewed Reviews is waiting for October 5th to start. With the flexibility to start compiling reviews ahead of time, I finally threw my hat in the ring this year. Of course, being lazy to the core, I only managed to get just over halfway done with a whole year to prepare. Hubris? Check.

Anyway, starting Tuesday and for the duration of the month, The Web of the Big Damn Spider will set aside its mission of presenting spider-related content. There just aren’t enough BDS movies to make it possible to participate in Hubrisween and remain on topic. Rest assured that in November I’ll shift back to spiders. Meanwhile, I do hope you’ll enjoy the fruits of our hubris.

This banner will appear at the top of all of my Hubrisween reviews this month. It will take you to Hubrisween Central, where you can see what everyone else is up to each day.

Spinning More Web for 2014

I have a lot of stuff that needs to be processed before I can start posting again, and I hope to get started on it soon. Much of it needs to be professionally scanned, like this Argentinian poster for Kingdom of the Spiders.

Argentinian Poster of Kingdom of the Spiders (Phone Pic)

I brought it in to work today to see if the copy store on the first floor could scan it, and they could! …if I had a piece of acetate 3′ by 8′ to protect the poster and the scanner (it’s basically a gigantic rolling-pin of scanniness).

I have a lead on where I might acquire one, so hopefully the scanning effort will begin in full force within a few weeks.

In the meantime I’ll be scanning some post cards and comic books to start the weekly updates again, and look for a new review next month!

Stay outta the webbing. I’ll see you soon!