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The Lost World — Comic

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The Lost World (1960)

Directed by Irwin Allen
Based on The Lost World Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Written by Charles Bennett and Irwin Allen
Starring Michael Rennie, Jill St. John, David Hedison, Claude Rains, Richard Haydn, Ray Stricklyn, Fernando Lamas, and Vitina Marcus

The conceit of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World is enthralling. Explorers discover a region that stands apart from the modern world, where evolution stood still; a place where tribes battled apes—sure, he was ripping off Jules Verne to some extent, but who didn’t? And it is Doyle’s title that we use to describe plots that involve isolated pockets of prehistoric life. It’s been filmed many times but only once was it done by the master of disaster, director and producer Irwin Allen.

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The Lost World (1960) – Promotional Still

Lost World (1969) Promotional Image

“Look, just because you live around here, that doesn’t mean you’d know there are big damn spiders about.”

The Lost World (1960) – Promotional Photo

The Lost World - Promotional Photo

David Hedison explains to Jill St. John that lap dogs are an essential part of the diet of big damn spiders.

The Lost World – Mini Cards

Lost World Cards - Series A

I can’t even guess why anyone produced these terrible wee cards.