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The Lost World — Comic

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She Demons – Lobby Cards (1-8)

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The Cosmic Monsters – Promotional Image


Forrest Tucker and Gaby André share an uncomfortable drink with an alien messenger.

The Devil Rides Out – Promotional Image


Christopher Lee hosts a protective sleepover, in “The Devil Rides Out”.

Krull – Promotional Image 9

krull_promo_9Bernard Bresslaw, as the Cyclops.

Krull – Promotional Image 14

krull_promo_14The Beast would like to talk to someone about his makeup.

Doctor Who Card: Giant Spiders

Giant Spiders Doctor Who Card

This card from a Doctor Who card game features companion Sarah Jane Smith with a giant spider. It references the story line “Planet of the Spiders”, which ends with the transition between actors Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker as The Doctor.