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Kiss of the Tarantula (1976)

Directed by Chris Munger
Written by Daniel Cady and Warren Hamilton Jr.
Starring Suzanna Ling, Ernesto Macias, Herman Wallner, Patricia Landon, Beverly Eddins, and Jay Scott

I like independent movies. Sometimes they’re derivative, trying to cash in on whatever made a lot of money recently, but they can also allow creativity to flourish outside of the scrutiny of corporate oversight. In some cases, these films can rise above the setbacks of low budgets and inexperience before and behind camera to give us a refreshingly novel approach. I’d like to make the case that Kiss of the Tarantula is such a gem.

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Tarantula – Promotional Image

Tarantula - Promotional Image

Striped pajamas, the official night cloths of victims of scientific research.

Tarantula – Postcard

Tarantula - MoMA Postcard

My favorite thing about this poster design has always been that the artist clearly had no reference materials for the film.

Tarantula – Promotional Photo

Tarantula - Promotional Still (Reproduction)

Someone’s going to have to lure the damn thing to the explosives, and it’s not going to be me!

Tarantula Monster Cards Trading Card

“Tarantula” card from 1965 blue series of Monster Cards.

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Tarantula Film Still

Tarantula - Production Still

The tarantula is Professor Deemer’s most spectacular subject.