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Spiders (2000)

Directed by Gary Jones
Written by Boaz Davidson, Stephen David Brooks, Jace Anderson, and Adam Gierasch
Starring Lana Parrilla, Josh Green, Oliver Macready, Nick Swarts, Mark Phelan, and Leslie Zemeckis

Ever since H.G. Wells wrote The Food of the Gods, scientists have been creating bigger spiders. Usually it’s in the pursuit of better nutrition, but every now and then it’s a straightforward attempt to weaponize arachnids. The film Spiders is the first entry in a series of movies based on this inadvisable weapons program.

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An Incisive Spider

Spiders are great at hitching rides on travelers, but apparently they can also burrow into them. At least that was reportedly the experience of Dylan Thomas.

Note that, per Snopes, all reports go back to Thomas himself, with no confirmation from the medics in Bali who supposedly removed the spider from his abdomen. If confirmed, it would be the first verified case of a spider living inside of a living person.