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Krull (1983)

Directed by Peter Yates
Written by Stanford Sherman
Starring Ken Marshall, Lysette Anthony, Freddie Jones, Francesca Annis, Alun Armstrong, David Battley, Bernard Bresslaw, Liam Neeson, John Welsh, and Robbie Coltrane

When I think of swashbuckling, I picture fantastic adventure and daring heroes, such as Sinbad and Robin Hood. The Buck Rogers comic strips and serials brought the sensibilities of the style into the realm of science fiction, and Star Wars launched a powerful franchise out of the mixture of fantasy, adventure, and technology. There have been quite a lot of imitators, but few ever approached the delightful world-building or production values achieved by Krull.

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Krull – Promotional Image 9

krull_promo_9Bernard Bresslaw, as the Cyclops.

Krull – Promotional Image 14

krull_promo_14The Beast would like to talk to someone about his makeup.

Krull – Promotional Image 10


Francesca Annis as the Widow of the Web.

Krull – Promotional Photo 18

Krull Promotional Photo 15


“Then you’ll reach into the lava–”

“The what?”

“The lava. You’ll want to be quick.”

Krull Mini Lobby Cards (1-8)

The complete set of US mini lobby cards for “Krull”. I have no idea why they didn’t show off the magnificent spider!

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