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Flood! (1976) — A Mite-y Movie Mention


Flood! (1976)


Action, disaster


The year before this film aired Jaws featured a mayor who wouldn’t close the beach because he feared a loss of tourist dollars. I doubt it’s coincidental that the mayor in this movie refuses to heed warnings about the dam because he fears a loss in fishing revenue.

Elevator Pitch

Town drowns because the mayor buries a report that says the dam needs repairs.

Reasons to Watch

  • Robert Culp, dashing helicopter pilot
  • Richard Basehart, jerk
  • Celebrities drown
  • Fun cheap effects

Random Observation

Irwin Allen also produced the TV movies Fire! (1977) and Cave-In! (1979, but finally aired in 1983). Despite the exclamation points, all three of these are fairly tame movies compared to the high-casualty disaster films he produced for theaters.

Cave-In! (1983)

Directed by Georg Fenady
Written by Norman Katkov
Starring Dennis Cole, Susan Sullivan, Leslie Nielsen, Julie Sommars, Ray Milland, Sheila Larken, and James Olson

There is no question what this movie will be about.

There is no question what this movie will be about.

Irwin Allen was the legendary producer behind Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (film and show), The Poseidon Adventure, The Towering Inferno, and the shows Lost in Space, The Time Tunnel, and Land of the Giants. He also let this made-for-TV movie happen, which is just the sort of thing that’s bound to turn up eventually on a lengthy CV.

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