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The Cosmic Monsters – Promotional Image


Gaby André is penned in by giant crickets.

The Giant Spider Invasion – Promotional Image

What I especially love about the promotional images for “The Giant Spider Invasion” is that the spiders are so plainly drawn over to look cool.

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The Cosmic Monsters – Promotional Image

The Cosmic Monsters - Promotional Image

I have to wonder if they filmed with the spider prop and decided later to replace it with real spider footage or if they just dug it up for the promotional shoots.

The Giant Spider Invasion – Promotional Image

The Giant Spider Invasion - Police Car Promotional Still

“Headquarters, could you repeat the description of the suspect arachnid?”

Tarantula – Promotional Photo

Tarantula - Promotional Still (Reproduction)

Someone’s going to have to lure the damn thing to the explosives, and it’s not going to be me!

Mesa of the Lost Women – Promo 1

Spider and spider woman

Tandra Quinn in a promotional image for “Mesa of Lost Woman” with the movie’s spider.