Shredder Orpheus: A Mite-y Movie Mention


Shredder Orpheus (1990)


Action, Horror, Science Fiction

Elevator Pitch

The myth of Orpheus and Eurydice is brought to a dystopian future in which skateborders oppose Hades and Persephone’s cable network.

Reasons to Watch

  • Orpheus is a skateboarding guitar player–a shredder that shreds… and his band is The Shredders
  • Instead of a lyre, Orpheus has a prototype lyre-esque electric guitar designed by Jimi Hendrix
  • Persephone is determined to leave no scenery unchewed
  • The makeup for the dead keeps changing until it’s dropped altogether

Random Observation

The basic Eurydice story is a fun revision that is somewhat faithful in broad strokes. After that the film flails for a bit until settling on a version of Orpheus’ death that’s all but unrecognizable.

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