It’s Island Experiments Month!

Islands are the perfect location for conducting unsanctioned experiments. Little unwanted intrusion, no pesky cel towers, and definitely no inquisitive constabulary. Sure, the shipping costs for supplies are outrageous, but isn’t that worth it for isolation and controlled conditions?

Of course, mad science is never well-controlled. The real importance of an island is so that the characters are trapped. It’s a cheap but effective way to limit their options for escape, assistance, defense, or armaments. Throw in a volcano, and you’re guaranteed a sense of urgency for the finale!

This month we celebrate the mixture of science fiction, horror, and beachfront property. There will be a few topical (tropical?) reviews, some recommendations for further exploration of the theme, and maybe a few related surprises. So join us this month, as we take a 30-day tour of island laboratories. It’ll be more fun than getting beaned by a coconut!

Movie Reviews
Monster Island (2004)
She Demons (1958)

Recommended Films About Island Experiments

Trailer Audio
Monster Island (2004)
Island of Terror (1966)
Shock Waves (1977)
Island of Lost Souls (1932)
Mysterious Island (1961)
She Demons (1958)

She Demons Lobby Cards

Mite-y Movie Mention
Mysterious Island (1961)


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