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Intruder (1989)

Directed by Scott Spiegel
Written by Scott Spiegel and Lawrence Bender
Starring Elizabeth Cox, Renée Estevez, Dan Hicks, David Byrnes, Sam Raimi, Eugene Robert Glazer, Ted Raimi, and Bruce Campbell

The entire movie takes place during one night.

The entire movie takes place during one night.

If you’ve watched a lot of horror movies, or a few specific block-busters, you’ve seen Scott Spiegel. He shemped in Evil Dead and Evil Dead II and had cameos in several other Sam Raimi films, including Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2. What’s more interesting about him is his work behind the scenes. Co-writer of Evil Dead II; executive producer of Hostel; and writer, director, or producer of a dozen other genre films. The one we’re looking at today he directed and co-wrote, and it’s decent little slasher.

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